"galaxies-cosmos-stars-black holes-comets" series

etude sur trait n10 0911 huile sur toile 46x33
« Gravitational waves » n°1

oil on canvas  (18 x 13 in)

2900 €
oceanie traits 65x50 HSP p
« Gravitational waves » n°2

oil on canvas (25,6 x 19,70 in)

2700 €
parcours no 50 65x50 HSP
« Black hole in the central galaxy of the Virgo cluster »  n°5

oil on canvas (25,6 x 19,70 in)

2700 €
Black holes: Alpha or omega?
« Delta Léonides »
meteoroid swarm n°1

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 € per panel


« To whom then the great dark sky 
Is he throwing away his golden stars? 
Shining rain from the shadows, 
They fall…? – Encor ! encor!

Encor! – distant glimmers, 
Pure fires, pale orients, 
They sparkle… – o handles 
Scary diamonds! »

Shooting stars: stanza n°1 and 2
Victor Hugo
« Delta Cancrides »
meteoroid swarm n°2

acrylic on canvas (3 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 € per panel


 » It’s splendour on the prowl, 
These are universal points, 
Lightning in the emerald! 
Blueberries in lightning!

Realities and chimeras 
Crossing our summer evenings! 
Ephemeral carbuncles 
Dark eternity! « 

Shooting stars: stanza n°3 and 4
Victor Hugo
« Pi pupides »
meteoroid swarm n°3

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 € per panel


« From which hand do they come out? 

Heavens, to whom do we throw 

Those swirls of sparks? 
Is it to Plato’s soul?

Is it Virgil’s spirit? 

Is it to the mountains?

Is it to the green stream? 

Is it to the immense gospel 

That Jesus Christ keeps open?

Shooting stars: stanza n°5 and 6
Victor Hugo
« Bootides de Juin »
meteoroid swarm n°4

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 € per panel

« Is it at the huge tiara 
Of some Moses as a child 
Whose soul is already in shape 
From the triumphant firmament?

Do these fires go to prayers? 
To whom the Deep Unknown 
He adds these lights, 
Waves of flames from his forehead? »

Shooting stars: stanza n°7 and 8
Victor Hugo
« Perséides »
meteoroid swarm n°5

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 € per panel

 » Is it, in the superb azure, 
To the religions that God, 
To accentuate his verb, 
Throw out those tongues of fire?

Is it above the Bible 
Let it blaze, burst and shine 
The terrible scattering 
From the darkened setting of the night? « 

Shooting stars: stanza n°9 and 10
Victor Hugo
« Giacobinides »
meteoroid swarm n°6

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 €  per panel


 » Our questions in vain press 
Heaven, fatal or blessed. 
Who can say to whom 
These shipments from infinity?

What are these falls? 
Lightning bolts torn from the sky? 
Mystery! Are they struggles? 
Are they hymens? Search. »

Shooting stars: stanza n°11 and 12
Victor Hugo
« Géminides »
meteoroid swarm n°7

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel

3500 €  per panel


« Are they the angels of sulphur? 
Do we see some blue swarm 
Abyssal argyraspids 
Running away on horses of fire?

Is this the God of disasters, 
The irritated Sabaoth, 
Who stones with stars 
Some revolting sun? »

Shooting stars: stanza n°13 and 14
Victor Hugo
« stardust n°1 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €


« We are all children of the stars. Everything that makes up our organism: our bones, muscles and skin are living tissues made up of molecules, themselves made up of carbon, oxygen, iron, nitrogen and calcium atoms. All these elements were made in the heart of the stars. These are the same atoms found in trees, flowers and all animals. »


« stardust n°2 »

oil on canvas   (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €


The Stardust probe probably captured microscopic grains of « stardust » from a recent supernova explosion.

I wanted to imagine a microscopic view of this wonderful capture. 

« stardust n°3 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €

« I was told: You are nothing but ashes and dust. They forgot to tell me that it was stardust…. »

Poussieres d’etoiles (1984) Hubert Reeves
« stardust n°4 »

oil on canvas   (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« stardust n°5 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« Érèbe and Nyx »

time zero of primordial Chaos

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 €  per panel


« Erebus is a deity of Greek mythology born out of Chaos. He is the primordial Divinity of darkness and Hell.

Nyx and Erebia’s wife and also his sister. She is the primordial deity of the Night. Erbus and Nyx gave birth to several deities, the main ones being Héméra (the Day), Éther (the Heaven) and Charon the ferryman of the Underworld. »

I imagined and « painted » (as the Canadians, Belgians or West Indians sometimes speak) on two panels these two characters from primordial Chaos.

« Éther and Héméra »

 from the early days of primordial Chaos

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 €  per panel


« Erebus and Nyx give birth to, among others, Hera who embodies the earthly Light and personifies the Day and Ether.

Hera and Ether in turn engender Gaia (the Earth), Thalassa (the Sea) and Ouranos (the Sky). »

It is the end of darkness. The light will illuminate the earth, the sea, the sky…. I wanted to imagine in the two paintings Héméra and Éther just before the arrival of the Light. 

« Adam and Éve »

acrylic on canvas (2 panels de 78,74 x 23,62 in per panel)

3500 €  per panel


« Drunkenness is gone and hope is dead:
They have tasted the fruit of the forbidden tree.
The angel for them will never reopen the door.
From paradise lost.

Since happiness they have touched the top,
Subjected to punishment, resigned to suffering,
They regret nothing, neither exile nor crime,
Nor the horror of dying. »

Camille Saint-Saëns
« Cosmic Radiation » n°1

oil on canvas  (16,15 x 13 in)

2700 €


« Then these golden globes, these islands of light,
What does the dreamy eyelid look for by instinct?
Thousands spring from the shadows that run away
Like a golden powder in the footsteps of the night; »

Les Etoiles – Lamartine
« Rayons Y » n°1

oil on canvas  (8 x 8 in)

2700 €

« Of these shining stars, his most sublime work,
Only God knows the number, and the distance, and the age;
Some, already aged, pale in our eyes,
Others got lost in the roads of heaven, »

Les Etoiles – Lamartine
« Cosmic Radiation » n°2

oil on canvas  (21,66 x 18,12 in)

2800 €


« What a mortal intoxicated by their chaste look,
Letting his floating eyes stare at them at random,
And searching for the purest among this supreme choir,
Didn’t dedicate him the name of what he loves?
Myself… he is one, lonely, isolated,
Who, in my long nights, has often consoled me,
And whose radiance, veiled by the shadows of mystery,
Reminds me of a look that shone on the earth. »

Les Etoiles – Lamartine
« Cosmic Radiation » n°3

oil on canvas   (25,6 x 19,69 in)

2500 €


« Suns! Floating worlds that sail with us,
Say, if he has told you, where are we all going?
What is the heavenly port where his breath guides us?
What term did he give to our swift flight?
Let us go to the edge of silence and mourning,
Falling in the night on some vast reef,
Sow the immensity of the shipwreck debris?
Or, led by his hand on a shiny shoreline,
And on the eternal anchor forever firmed,
In a gulf of sky approach asleep? »

Les Etoiles – Lamartine
« Cosmic Radiation » n°4

oil on canvas  (25,6 x 19,69 in)

2800 €


« If I believe these rays, whose sensitive daylight
Inspires virtue, prayer, love,
And when the tender eye opens to their light,
Attracts a tear at the edge of the eyelid;
If I believe these instincts, these sweet presentiments…
Who direct towards us the sighs of lovers,
The eyes of beauty, the dreams we regret,
And the fiery flight of the eagle and the poet! »

Les Etoiles – Lamartine
« Cosmic Radiation » n°6

oil on canvas  (25,6 x 19,69 in)

8000 €
« Cosmic Radiation » n°5
oil on canvas  (21,66 x 18,12 in)
2800 €

 « Above the ponds, above the valleys,

Mountains, woods, clouds, seas,

Beyond the sun, beyond the ethers,

Beyond the confines of the starry spheres. »

« the rings of Saturn »

Polyptyque  oil on canvas (63 x 20 in) 

9000 €

polyptique 5 tableauxP
« spectral bands n°1 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €


The day the ozone layer disappears, nitrogen dioxide will begin to envelop the planet and the colour of the sky will change to a thick brown haze.

« spectral bands n°2 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« spectral bands n°3 »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« 10^-43 43 seconds after the Big Bang »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €

Big-Bang 13.8 billion years ago: the adventure begins

« fusion »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €


In four billion years, our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with our neighbouring great spiral, Andromeda.

Galaxies as we know them will not survive.

Our solar system will live longer than our galaxy. When fusion occurs, the Sun will not yet be a giant red ball, but it will have grown big enough to fry the Earth’s surface. The life forms that will still be living there will be treated to a particularly remarkable cosmic spectacle.

Nowadays, Andromeda is about 2.5 million light years away from the Milky Way. Attracted by gravity, the two galaxies collide at a speed of 402,000 km/hour. Even at this speed, it will take 4 billion years for them to meet. The two galaxies will collide head-on before crossing each other, leaving behind them trails of gas and stars. 


And we humans, poor scholarly apes, will have evolved enough to be able to migrate to another planet in another galaxy. There is no room for doubt? because in the last 500 million years our planet has experienced 5 mass extinctions during which 3/4 of the living species were eradicated when the human species did not yet exist. We may ask ourselves the question, but it is not excluded that man is responsible for a 6th extinction. If this were the case, I think it’s a pity because the adventure was crazy but beautiful.

« meteor shards »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« Meteor shower »

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« cosmic waves » n°1

oil on canvas  (59,05 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« the bottom of a supermassive Black Hole »  n°1

acrylic on canvas 200 x 200 cm   (78,74 x 78,74 in)

20 000 €

I try to imagine this cosmic Armageddon and the poetry of Guillaume Du Bartas allows me to put words on the moment before this great « swallowing »:

« The rivers will dry up, and if in some pond
There is still some flow left, it will only be blood,
The sea will become flame
In its clearer midday the day will thicken,
The sky of a rusty iron its face will veil,
The stars will be expensive; the disorder, the night,
The fear, the death, the storm, the noise
Will enter the district, and the vengeful ire
From the criminal judge who already presses us
This will make the whole thing a blazing pyre,
Just as he once made it into a swamp that undulates. « 

 Guillaume De Salluste Du Bartas  1544-1590
« cosmic waves » n°2

oil on canvas   (39,37 x 39,37 in)

5000 €

« In the early days of the world, when the cloud,
Surprised, contemplated every thing created,
Whereas on the globe, where evil had grown,
There was a glimmer of the vanished Eden,
When everything seemed to be filled with dawn,
When on the tree of time the years had just bloomed,
On the earth, where the flesh with the spirit melts,
In the evening there was a deep silence, »

Victor Hugo
« Stellar black hole » n°2

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« Stellar black hole » n°3

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« spectra of electromagnetic radiation »

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

5000 €
« cosmic waves » n°4

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

5000 €