“That I would like that you perceive behind these hard faces, worried, perhaps in suffering, this gleam of tenderness which exists in each of us and as my friend Jean-Claude said: “it reminds me that the beauty of the man is also in his fragility.


When I look at a sky on a beautiful summer night, I often think of Gauguin “Where do we come from, who are we and where are we going?”

Cosmology, a science which I understand almost nothing about, fascinates me and offers itself to my dreams and with my brushes and colour tubes I trace my imaginary universe with its galaxies and black holes, I even create Princes and Princesses for them. I go at the speed of light to the confines of consciousness and reason.


In 5 billion years our sun, which is a “yellow dwarf” type star, will explode because it will have burnt all its hydrogen and if our distant descendants are still there after having managed to escape the probable mass extinctions (5 have already hit the Earth in the last 400,000 years) they will have to have the means to migrate to another planet (Proxima du Centaure seems to be one of the closest possible targets but 40,000 billion kilometres away…). For this long journey with our current technology it will take us 100.000 years or with the plasma engines only 40.000 years….. it is not won….. but let us not be discouraged because the quantum teleportation in Start Trek mode or the high technology of the Space Guild of Dune allows us in the waiting to dream.


I can feel the smell of sulphur rising up my nostrils. Is the worm already in the fruit?


Scenarios swarm in my head all the time, and often they have nothing to do with each other….. They stop trotting when they are on a canvas, not always because sometimes a retouch or a total erasing happens a few days, months or years later.

Then the case is closed and I change the subject.


“Some were so strong, some were not,

Some stood, some couldn’t.”


“In these scenes of the lives of those who suffer and those who don’t,

beings who love each other and those who can’t,

those who fight and those who don’t,

the one who still hopes and the one who doesn’t believe in it,

the one who moves a little forward and the one who moves a step back.”

“Where are they, Sovereign Virgin?…
But where are the snows of yesteryear!”
François Villon

“I put the rose here and slide the carnation there.

I don’t think about it, otherwise the magic stops,

a little green here and red there,

the bouquet is finished, five minutes of ecstasy”


I had the great honour of taking part in the travelling exhibition “dibujo en el siglo XX” organised by the Fundación Caja Duero in Spain. Two of my drawings were presented alongside great masters such as Picasso, Cézanne, Modigliani, Magritte, Degas, Manet, Delvaux, Miró, Dalí, Balthus, Foujita, Botero, Barceló, Antonio Saura, Antonio López, Tàpies and others.


I wanted to put a filter in front of my subject, a grid that would discreetly allow the passage towards a confidence, the confidant remaining anonymous as in a confessional. This filter, which should at first sight complicate the vision, can on the contrary make it possible to perceive and receive a revelation. If this happens, perhaps the magic of the murmur distilled through the filter reminds us of Victor Hugo:

“Ah! When I tell you about myself,

I’m talking about you.

How do you not feel it?

Ah! Fool who thinks I’m not you!»



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