series "PORTRAITS n°2"

“Commander Giovanni Drogo” 

“the desert of the tartars” 

Dino Buzzati

acrylic on canvas  (36,22 x 28,74 in)

2000 € 


“Giovanni Drogo, tirelessly scrutinising the desert sand, waiting in vain for an enemy that will not come, your tired eyes have blushed…”

homme de 34 huile sur papier 40x51 1500e
“3/4 man” 

gouache on paper  (20 x 15,74 in)

1500 € 
“portrait young man” n°1

gouache on paper (20 x 15,74 in)

850 € 

“The painter makes real to others his innermost feelings about all that he cares for. A secret becomes known to everyone who views the picture through the intensity with which it is felt.”

Lucian Freud

“sad man”

acrylic on cardboard  (35,82 x 34,25 in)

1500 € 


“As if there were only one moment of eternity in a lifetime and then decades devoted, alone or in pairs, to the worship of that moment;”

Louis Guichard


In ancient medicine, melancholy was called “black bile”.

oil on paper  (20 x 15,74 in)

680 € 


“In a world without melancholy, nightingales would end up burping.”

Emil Cioran
“portrait young man in profile” 

oil on paper  (20 x 15,74 in)

1600 € 
“portrait young man” n°2

oil on paper  (20 x 15,74 in)

1900 € 


“The possibility of living begins in the other person’s gaze.”

Michel Houellebecq

“portrait young man” n°3

gouache on paper  (14,96 x 11 in)

1200 € 

“Destiny is often denial pushed to the breaking point”

James Ellroy
“elongated face” 

oil on cardboard (31,88 x 17,71 in)

1700 € 

“I like people who doubt
Those who want to be
Only a simple window
For children’s eyes”

Anne Sylvestre
“face in blue” 

oil on canvas   (36,22 x 28,74 in)

2000 € 
“man’s face” 

oil on paper  (16,92 x 12,99 in)

1500 € 

“Metaphysical anxiety :

or appeasing it with a God,

or drown it in pleasure,

or cure it with pills.”

Edmond Rostand

“erasing the subject” series

oil on canvas   (14,56 x 9,84 in)

1200 € 

It is a series that I have called 
the erasure of the subject

When you look at the character behind this fence an extra effort is necessary but sometimes it allows you to feel even more strongly what the person wants to tell you.


A friend talking about my work on “ethe erasure of the subject” said:

“the work of Jean-Yves Benzi would be something of the order of deciphering, of decoding scrambled, erased messages, which imply an effort, an advance in the text towards its meaning.”

“woman in blue” 

“erasing the subject” series

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2500 € 

“It is not the body that is indecent, it is the way we look at it.”

Nadine Monfils
“woman with yellow hair” 

oil on canvas  

Private collection

“She didn’t feel him run over her skin
those big crazy breaths you get in your sleep,
for to go and see at night how the sky lights up
And then “die” in the morning on the heart of the sun.”