series of genre scenes

« the Meninas after drinking »

oil on canvas  (56,69 x 75,19 in)

15500 €

What if one day of solitude this spectator in front of « the Meninas » had drunk a little too much?

« two spectators in front of the kiss » 

acrylic on canvas  (44 x 50 in)

8000 €


«Lovers are alone in the world»

« moonlight dance » 

oil on canvas  (44 x 50 in)

8000 €


« while they sing in the minor mode

Love is victorious and life timely,

They don’t seem to believe in their happiness.

And their song blends in with the moonlight. »

Paul Verlaine
« The wandering Jew » 

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 59 in)

16000 €

I have always been fascinated by the legend of the ‘Wandering Jew.’
According to this legend, the Wandering Jew was a shoemaker from
Jerusalem who, upon seeing Jesus stop by his shop on the way to the
Passion, rudely pushed him away. Christ is said to have then cursed him,
condemning him to wander incessantly until His glorious return at the
end of times. He roams the world and appears from time to time. This
legend has made me reflect, and the idea was so powerful and enduring
that I decided to create a painting in which I tried to imagine an
immortal man sentenced to wander endlessly… A torment beyond torments because he cannot lose life, for he has lost death: to walk, to walk ceaselessly ‘ad vitam aeternam’ in this world where the joys of life are like shooting stars, fleeting and rare; the rest of the time, to walk, to walk, again and again, without end…


« Woman at the stairs » n°1

oil on canvas (52,36 X 39,37 in)

3400 €
« Woman at the stairs » n°2

oil on canvas (51,18 X 38,18 in)

3400 €
« Woman at the stairs » n°3

oil on canvas (52,36 X 39,37 in)

3400 €


« On a thin crystal winter leads their steps
The precipice is under the ice
Such is the fragile surface of our pleasures
Slip, mortals, do not press. »

Pierre-Charles Roye
« after the bath » 

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

4800 €

« love, elsewhere, everywhere, here, at every moment

always, victorious, over everything, over my body over my blood »

« hugging day » n°1

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

6500 €
« hugging day » n°2

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

8500 €

« I wish you passions,

I wish you silences. »

Jacques Brel
« woman with red hat » 

oil on canvas

Collection particulière

« pregnant woman » n°1

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

3300 €
« pregnant woman » n°2

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

3300 €

« She has the sublime mask of expectation.

that hides behind this tranquillity

the infinite power of women giving birth

immutable ritual, moment of eternity. »

« Two friends »  

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

8000 €

« Like two fawns, twins of a gazelle,
grazing among the lilies, I can see your two breasts

Song of Solomon
« Emile Griffith » welterweight world champion

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

6000 €
Panama Al Brow boxing world champion huile sur toile 150x100 16000e p
« homage to Alfonso Teofilo Brown »
nicknamed « Panama Brown »

cockerel weight world champion

oil on canvas  (59 x 39,37 in)

16000 €
Hommage à Emile Griffith

He became Welterweight World Champion on 1 April 1961 by stopping Benny Paret in the 13th round. Beaten on points in the revenge bout organised on 30 September 19613, Griffith won on 24 March 1962 as the referee stopped the fight in the 12th round. This fight remained sadly famous as Paret, plunged into a coma following the numerous blows he received in the last round, died ten days later of his injuries. 5,6 Referee Ruby Goldstein was then criticised by the press for not having stopped the fight earlier (Paret, « knocked out standing » and leaning against the ropes, had indeed taken nearly twenty blows without reacting), and did not referee afterwards. The reason for Griffith’s relentlessness during this fight can be explained by a homophobic insult (« maricón ») hurled by Benny Paret shortly before the fight, in allusion to Emile Griffith’s bisexuality, which the latter was hiding at the time, but which was well known in the boxing world. Griffith later explained that he never recovered psychologically from the fight: « After Paret, I never wanted to hurt anyone again. I was so afraid to hit, I held back all my punches. In 2005, journalists organised a meeting between Griffith and Paret’s son, who granted him forgiveness.


Suffering from dementia at the end of his life, Emile Griffith died in 2013, at the age of 75, five years after having done he « coming out » at a rally with the elders of Christopher Street, the New York street that was the epicentre of the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in the late 1960s.

Panama Brown :

Alfonso Teofilo Brown (July 5, 1902 – April 11, 1951), better known as Panama Al Brown, was a Panamanian professional boxer. He made history by becoming boxing’s first Latin American world champion, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest bantamweight boxers in history. After a brilliant career at the highest level that made him rich and famous, a descent into hell begins and bad weather comes : 

wikipédia :

With the advent of the Second World War, Brown moved to the United States, settled in Harlem and tried to find work of the cabaret sort he performed in Paris when not fighting.
Not long after, he was arrested for using cocaine and deported for a year. He went back to New York afterward and, in his late 40s, took a lot of beatings while serving as a sparring partner for up-and-comers at a gym in Harlem, making a dollar a round.

Brown died penniless of tuberculosis in New York City in 1951. He had fainted on 42nd Street. The police thought he was drunk and took him to the station. Eventually he was transferred to Sea View Hospital. He died there on April 11, unaware that not long before, one of the newspapers in Paris had begun talks about organizing a fund drive to pay for his trip home.

He left no money to pay for the funeral. As a result, his friends go to the Seaview hospital where he died to collect his body and go around to bars with the idea of collecting money to pay for his funeral. The gang of friends who drag the body of a great black boxer from bar to bar finally collect quite a lot of money, but this money is immediately drunk. At the end of the night, the little troop scatters, drunk, and the poor Panama Brown is forgotten on the bench of the last bar they visited.

« I was attached to the fate of this boxer because he represented a kind of poet, a mime, a sorcerer who carried between the ropes the perfect success of one of the human enigmas: the prestige of presence. »

« My sacred monsters » by Jean Cocteau about Al Brown
« Sisyphus’s rest » 

acrylic on canvas  (50 x 44,48 in)

3200 €


His punishment was too harsh and for once at the top of his eternal climbs Sisyphus rested…..


« nude au carré »

acrylic on canvas  (59 x 39,37 in)

7000 €

« And thanks to my husband, to whom I owe, in spite of his blonde friends, fifteen years of spring, and enough summer memories to get through the winter undressed. »

Françoise Chandernagor «La première épouse»
« unicorn to the dead child »

acrylic on canvas  (50 x 44 in)

7500 €
« Elasmotherium sibiricum »

such is your learned name. So you are not a myth and you really existed? Well, I keep in my daydreams the images of the legend.

« sleeping woman »

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2500 €

« You’re making too much noise, Zephyr, be quiet,

So as not to awaken the beauty that rests ;« 

 Georges de Scudéry
« shadow » 

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2400 €

« He said, « Leave me alone, » and the shadow replied, « i will follow you wherever you go. »

is this our destiny? is it impossible to get rid of it?



diptych « separation »

oil on canvas (27,55 x 39,76 in)

3000 €


I don’t like break-ups because it’s always a zero-sum game.


« languid woman » 

oil on canvas   (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2500 €


« Only once I was with her in the evening,

Sleep came to her and made her more beautiful; 

She leaned her languid forehead towards me, 

And, as we see a sleeping rose open, 

In a faint sigh, from my lips, 

I could feel the scent of his heart. »

Alfred de Musset
« nap with a dog »

oil on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

3500 €

« Our pets are angels in disguise who came to earth to teach us gentleness. »

Simonetta Greggio
« three women in the bath »

oil on canvas  (15,35 x 35,43 in)

1800 €
« women at the games »

oil on canvas

Private collection

« Life is a card game in which the heart is never the trump card. »

Marcel Achard
« Mado et François »

movie « La Drolesse » by Jacques Doillon

oil on canvas  (16,14 x 12,99 in)

« In their attic that has become a nest and playground, these two characters, hungry for tenderness, take care of their suffering, reinvent for a while, far from adults, the rules of intimacy. Platonic, in turn filial and sentimental, their relationship blossoms in a new, forbidden but limpid zone of love. From a kidnapper, François finds himself delighted by the mature and whimsical child: she takes the upper hand, enchanting everything, seeking caresses, tracing with chalk on the floor of this unusual home the decor of his dreams ».

Cécile Mury 

« TELERAMA » on Jacques Doillon’s film « La Drolesse »

Cloister, prison, mental fog, and if sometimes the confinement was not more bearable than a hostile a hopeless exterior. In « La Drolesse » Mado the captive can flee but she does not …..

« seated woman » n°1 

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2800 € 
« seated woman » n°2

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2800 €