"Ladies of yesteryear" series

“Julie the Datura Lady”

oil on canvas (39,37 x 39,37 in)

4500 €
“Beautiful star to whom I owe my being and my beauty, Adds immortality I’m not the same brightness and I’m so beautiful; Prevents time from erasing my colours: Give me Julie’s beautiful forehead for my throne; And, if this happy man be allied to my glory, I will be the queen of flowers.”
Pierre Corneille.
“Lady with jewels n°2”

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

3800 €

“The lady of the castle showed us: these laces,

these dresses, these ribbons, these satin shoes;

These rings, these perfumes that make the ugly beautiful

and which would look so good on me all the more so on me.

What are you saying, my poor Théréson?

-What! am I not better than this bride,

Marquise but shady eye and deviated waist,

And shouldn’t we put, for good measure,

My fichus on her neck, her necklaces on mine?”

Louise Colet
“Lady with hat”

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

2700 €
“But where are the snows of yesteryear?»
François Villon
“Lady of yesteryear” 

oil on canvas  (59 x 39 in)

6500 €
“The White Queen like a lily singing with her mermaid’s voice.”
François Villon
“Lady with jewels” n°1

oil on canvas (39,37 x 27,56 in)

4800 €

“Your eyes, where nothing reveals

anything sweet or bitter,

are two cold jewels where

gold mingles with iron.”

“Le serpent qui danse”  Charles Baudelaire

oil on canvas  (16 x 13 in)

1800 €

“The time for the most beautiful things
Likes to make an affront,
And will wilt your roses
As he wrinkled my forehead.”

Pierre  Corneille

oil on canvas  (16 x 13 in)

1800 €

“Marquise, if my face

A few slightly old features,

Remember at my age

You won’t be much better.”

Pierre Corneille

“Lady in satin and sapphire”  

oil on canvas (39,37 x 27,56 in)

4800 €
Your eyes have lost their smile
“Lady with red hair”

acrylic on canvas  (39,37 x 39,37 in)

3200 €

“This allegory of misfortune: the hand like a slap in the face of nothingness, the red lacquered hair like real blood.”

Yann Queffélec